Bitcoin [BTC]: Luas website hacked; hackers ask 1 Bitcoin in ransom


Dublin’s tram service is not functional after receiving a threat message of being hacked. According to RTE, the users who were trying to access the website on January 3 morning, saw a message that threatened to “publish all data and send emails to your users” unless “1 bitcoin” is paid in five days.

Luas assured the users on Twitter that its technicians are working on the issue and any update regarding travel will be made on their Twitter account.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

The publication reported a spokesperson from Luas stating that the IT department is working on the issue but they could not confirm that the website had been hacked. The spokesperson continued to talk about the staticity of the site, and how little interaction it has with customers. The website according to RTE’s source, comprises of maps and advice on parking route information.

The Luas services does not seem to be affected but has caused panic among users. The website posted on Twitter saying:

“The Luas website was compromised this morning, and a malicious message was put on the home page. The website has been taken down by the IT company who manage it, and their technicians are working on it. Luas are informed this may take the day to resolve.”

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

According to an information security consultant, Luas website does not store any personal data of the users, reported the publication. Brian Honan, an industry expert on information security told RTE that the threat is “hollow”. He added:

“My understanding is that this particular website belonging to the Luas just displays maps and information about timetables and it doesn’t store any personal data, so the threat to publish personal data and contact people via their emails, with the information that we have, would seem to be a hollow threat.”

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