$10 million in Monero [XMR] demanded by kidnappers as ransom in Norway

Monero [XMR], a popular privacy coin in the market, is in the limelight as the cryptocurrency is demanded as ransom by kidnappers in Norway. According to the local newspaper, VG, Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen, wife of one of Norway’s richest men, Tom Hagen, went missing over ten weeks ago, since October 31, 2018.

The kidnappers are demanding nine million euros [$10 million] in the cryptocurrency, Monero. The estimated value of the family is estimated to be around $199 million, and are listed as the 172nd richest family in the country by Norway’s financial Magazine, Kapital. The demand is also one of the reasons for the police to believe that this could be a kidnapping case.

The police have been working on this case for a long duration as one of their top secret operations. This is mainly due to concerns regarding the safety of Falkevik Hagen’s life and health. To add on, since the disappearance of Falkevik Hagen, the police have not found any evidence with respect to her safety, according to the reports.

The police decided to go public with the case after ten weeks because they wanted more information pertaining the case. They believe that the kidnapping took place at the victim’s house, one of their theories being her abduction from the bathroom. Moreover, the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement [Europol] and the International Criminal Police Organization [Interpol] have been informed of the case and are currently involved in it with the police.

Tommy Broeske, a Police Inspector said that, at present, their goal is to find the missing woman “alive and reunite her with the family”. He said:

“There has been demand for ransom, and serious threats have been made in this case. As things now stand, we advise the family not to pay.”

Joaeahina, a Redditor said:

“That’s 1% of Monero’s entire marketcap. I hope the kidnappers get caught (not through blockchain analysis but through traditional police work).”

Zenb0y, a Reddit user said:

“Bitcoin survived silkroad publicity, Monero will survive this kind of happenings. Actually criminals are always early adopters of technology to stay ahead. Look at minicalls, mobile phones, internet etc. Hope they get caught and that the victim will be in good health!”

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