XRP stands chance to be adopted by leading e-commerce service; community rejoices


On 3rd December, a prominent supporter of the XRP ecosystem who goes by the Twitter name, Dr.T, on behalf of Wietse Wind, the creator of XRP TipBot, announced that one of the leading e-commerce platforms of Europe, Mollie is on its way to adopt XRP and integrate it in its payment system. Dr.T’s Twitter post read:

“Let’s SHOW the power of #XRPCommunity!
@WietseWind just told one of Netherlands largest online payment (e-commerce)Mollie, that he will drive to their HQ to help integrate XRP they said – We only offer BTC, maybe we will offer XRP next. RETWEET the Linked tweet NOW! @GiantGox”

Mollie is a European platform that assists companies of small to big cadre in finding the right payment solutions for them. Currently, the service supports payment solutions involving Bitcoin but has indicated towards the integration of XRP as well.

Mollie's payment solutions | Source: mollie.com

Mollie’s payment solutions | Source: mollie.com

Wietse Wind, who is an active participant and propagator of the XRP adoption also created the popular application called XRP TipBot. TipBot is a micropayments service that helps the community members tip their friends, family, favorite websites, artists and even services via a simple account that is linked to social media platforms that include Twitter, Reddit and Discord.

Today, XRP was also adopted by a leading cryptocurrency exchange, KuCoin. The pairs added to the platform included XRP/BTC, XRP/ETH, XRP/USDT, XRP/PAX, XRP/TUSD, XRP/USDC, XRP/KCS and XRP/NEO.

In Wind’s words:

“There is really no way to get more e-commerce exposure in The Netherlands than to have them add XRP. And the best thing is that they don’t need another partner for XRP-EUR conversion, because the On-Ledger Decentralized Exchange can handle it)”

To this, ecent, a Twitter user and XRP proponent responded:

“@MolliePayments is one of the largest in Europe, not just Netherlands. @adriaanmol and @WietseWind would do some amazing things together if they got into a room, no doubt.”

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