XRP and Ripple community is manipulating Twitter for promoting Ripple, says Dogecoin creator


Jackson Palmer, the creator of Dogecoin and “Are we Decentralized Yet?” website, spoke about Ripple and how it is similar to InitiativeQ in terms of marketing, in a podcast interview with Laura Shin.

Palmer spoke about his website ‘Are We Decentralized Yet’, and how it is getting tougher to collect data from these decentralized blockchains and that there is less data now than it was 12 months before. He added that there were a lot of cryptocurrency projects with multi-million dollar funded foundations who are making the numerical data public, and that these foundations want the numbers to show a certain narrative. Palmer continued:

“You would think that transparency would be in their best interest. Just looking at entities that are more centralized and do have more of a corporate for-profit kind of model, Ripple comes to mind and out of all of the projects, it was one of the more kind of in my face or kind of coming at me trying to get numbers updated and provide the information.”

Furthermore, Palmer said that Ripple was doing a good job in terms of building “awareness, hype and excitement” about their community and that they were focussed unlike Ethereum, which has multiple projects and is heading in a lot of directions.

Digging deeper into Ripple and XRP, Palmer said that people who are into XRP and Ripple aren’t usually into other cryptocurrencies. He went on to say:

“I think they’re [people into XRP] just more susceptible to marketing. I think the people that get into Ripple remind me of the people that have been getting into this InitiativeQ thing and… I think the InitiativeQ and the Ripple marketing is actually pretty similar if you if you actually go and look at what they claim to be doing in the future technology wise.”

Palmer further compared Ripple and InitiativeQ and said that InitiativeQ is like a “multi-level marketing pyramid scheme” that are trading referrals as currency. He said that the InitiativeQ is using PayPal as a marketing copy as a person from InitiativeQ sold his company to PayPal a few years back. He added:

“If you look at some of the people that are on the community team for Ripple, for instance, if you look at the Twitter presence, it’s absolutely off the charts in terms of how much they’re manipulating Twitter as a medium for promoting Ripple whether that’s them, or if they’ll claim that they don’t own the bot networks. But sure, it’s just, it’s very interesting to watch. And, and I feel like Ripple is kind of like, just like InitiativeQ without referral codes in a way.”

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