Stratis Leads The Top 100 As Altcoins Bloom, Bitcoin Restarts Campaign For Market Cap Dominance

CoinDNA MArket Recap

The market continues to impress and has been correcting significantly at the time of this writing. Investors are now fondly recalling the December high last year that took the market to an all-time high. The market could continue recording gains as experts are once again ebullient about their new price targets. Still, they are cautioning against too much excitement as the market is still technically in a downtrend.

The market capitalization added another $3 Billion overnight as it grew to $130 Billion from yesterdays $127 Billion. The trading volume is climbing up at $22 Billion, however, the BTC dominance is climbing up again at 53.9% as Bitcoin increases its market capitalization.

Bitcoin is continuously breaking resistances and has added an almost miraculous 21% from its 15th month low. At the time of this writing, it has already broken thru $4000. It has grown 6.99% on the day and is currently trading at $4000.65. Mike Novogratz, a former official of the global financial giant, Goldman Sachs said earlier this week that he believes that Bitcoin has come to the end of its losses. He further added that investors can expect Bitcoin to stay in the range between $3000 and $6000. Bitcoin is continuing the recovery of its market capitalization and is now at $70 Billion.

Ethereum has dropped from its high at $109.2 earlier but is now back on track and is currently at $109.2 and gaining 6.08%. Maintaining the price above $100 is a positive signal for the investors as it recovered from a low of $82 three weeks ago, and recovering at 24% since. It is still in the third position though and XRP is still dominant in the second place at the market capitalization. The next level to beat is at $142.

The rest of the Top 10 are still actively consolidating its ranks. Bitcoin Cash is on a mission with a new 32.59% gain on the day and is exchanging hands at $151.38 at the time of this writing. The past two days had an amazing rally above the $100 resistance level. It continued smashing past resistances and is poised for more gains on the short term. Bitcoin SV follows with a 10.06% gain, taking its price to $93.26. The rest are also consolidating between 3–6%.

For the Top 25, Waves is still leading the pack with an 11.25% gain on the day. Ethereum Classic is also making big strides at 11.00%.

Down the Top 100 crypto list, Stratis is back on our top pumps, and currently on a big surge at 42.35%. It broke the $1.15 and $1.25 resistance levels to move into a positive zone. It is currently trading above $1.30 and it may continue to rise towards $1.35 or $ Chain is also back on our list at 38.86%. Chainlink rounds off our gainers above 20% at 25.16% gain on the day. The rest of the double-digit gainers are Aion, TenX, OmiseGO, Bytecoin, Dentacoin, MonaCoin, Komodo, Revain, Verge, Ark, and Lisk between 10–17%.

Anyhow, this is today’s market recap to give you a glimpse of what happened on the crypto markets while you were sleeping. Trade safe, and have a great Thursday!

Originally published at on December 20, 2018.

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