Mati Greenspan Exclusive: Centralization in Bitcoin [BTC] and XRP, portfolio management and more


In the last part of the AMBCrypto Exclusive with Mati Greenspan, the market analyst discussed the degree of centralization in each popular coin ecosystem, such as XRP and Bitcoin [BTC]. He also talked about the correct way to carry out an investment allocation in one’s portfolio.

According to Greenspan, decentralization is not black and white; rather, it is actually a field of gray. He also suggested than Bitcoin, by far is the most decentralized of the crypto-assets. Adding to the statement, he said that Satoshi Nakamoto is no more around, he does not have a say, he is not able to lead the project, therefore, it is the entire community who needs to agree when making a developmental change. He explained:

“Now that can be a good thing, it can also have its negative sides so as we saw with Bitcoin Cash [BCH]. Some of the BTC community wanted to take it in a different direction and increase the block size, some of them moved off to do a different thing. And that basically left Bitcoin as its decentralized organization.”

He also opined that Bitcoin Cash [BCH], being a decentralized asset has more centralization than Bitcoin as the leadership is clearer in the ecosystem.

When asked about the nature of XRP, Greenspan mentioned it as the most centralized crypto-assets among its fellow coins. This, he propagated is due to the presence of the Ripple Labs that leads the development of the asset.

“XRP is one of the most centralized and also the most decentralized as they claim. But it is the most centralized because you have Ripple Labs which is really the leader of the development of this specific asset.”

Switching the topic to the bear-market and its recovery, the market expert advised that this is a great time for the investors sitting on the sidelines. According to him, this is the time to build a portfolio and understand the risks to allocate investments correctly.

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