How Cognitive Systems Are Changing Businesses


As humans, we have some limitations when it comes to storing and processing data. While our brains can hold large amounts of information, we can’t store as much as computer can, nor can we access all this information readily when we need it. cognitive systems computing, which uses artificial intelligence to harness the computing power of machines with some of the skills humans use in analysis and data processing, is beginning to make its way into businesses around the globe to help them personalize the customer experience and improve their organizations as a whole.

Cognitive Systems Are Changing Businesses

What Do Cognitive Systems Do?

Cognitive systems aren’t intended to replace human workers. Instead, they’re intended to help businesses process data, find biases and eliminated them, assist in decision-making, and automate some of the tedious tasks that take up the valuable time of employees. In business, AI can help encourage smart strategy and make companies more efficient.


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How Companies Can Adopt the Technology

Cloud computing may still be fairly new, but IBM has already released some guidelines for companies that want to use this technology in their business strategy. IBM suggests creating a strong cognitive strategy first, finding the gaps in data leveraging that cognitive systems could fill and figuring out and what data and personnel will be needed to create the infrastructure. They also suggest that companies use cloud services and have a strong foundation of data and analytics before getting started with cloud computing.

The Future of Cognitive Computing

The technology has already come a long way, but there will still need to be advances in areas like natural language processing and neuromorphic computers. Perception, worker shortages and policy will also play a role in eventual adoption.

For more information, check out this infographic from Ohio University’s MBA program.

Cognitive Business Disruption

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