Goodbit: A Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Resource for the Public


Have you heard about Bitcoin but aren’t really sure what it’s all about? Bitcoin has the potential to revolutionize the way that financial transactions take place around the globe, yet many remain unaware of its potential. Enter Goodbit, a resource dedicated to educating users about cryptocurrency, blockchain, and ways to invest. Check out their two minute “What is Bitcoin” video, and see their style for yourself:

As you can see, they break down the basics in a beautiful way. The clear explanation combined with the playful animation make for a great primer into the world of Bitcoin.

Blockchain Education for the Masses

It doesn’t take a lot of Googling to discover that there’s a serious hype-versus-knowledge gap in the world of blockchain. In order for widespread adoption to take place, the public has to be educated about why cryptocurrency is the future of commerce. That’s why resources like Goodbit are dedicated to upping the crypto-awareness of the world as a whole, breaking down the investing process in a way that is accessible to anyone.

Goodbit provides a 101 Basics course with live action videos coming soon, in-depth guides about tons of Crypto and Blockchain related topics, and even tools showing users how to navigate exchanges and wallets.

Ever consider the potential of smart contracts, which can transfer funds or information on your behalf when certain conditions are met? This can revolutionize the way fundamental transactions are made in our society.

Picture this—a smart contract that:

  • Pays the delivery guy automatically, precisely when they drop off the goods.
  • Guarantees payment to you when you ship off your product.
  • Simplifies legal agreements in virtually every area. Rental agreements and construction bonds are just a couple of the affected arrangements.
  • Replaces the need for escrows that hold onto money during deals.

This is just a sample of some of the features that blockchain can open up. As you can see, there are many awesome avenues to explore!

Investing Wisely in Crypto

Many users hear the hype around cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and are eager to invest however they can; others are more cautious about getting involved. Either way, it’s important that those looking to invest in crypto know the best practices for starting out. Goodbit walks users through the investing process, including wallet setup and where to buy. They’ll even answer your questions about blockchain, for free on their Ask us Anything page!

Rethinking the Way Money Works

Truly understanding cryptocurrency requires us to step back and take a look at the fundamentals of what money is. Goodbit emphasizes the need for the public to be aware of the real purpose of money, which is to standardize value. They convey this clearly, in a way that’s easy to understand. Crypto could potentially be a better form of money than the government-issued bills we typically think of, because it is decentralized and can be immune to inflation.

Described as “Your Key to Cryptocurrency”, Goodbit was started by three undergraduates from Brown University who wished they had better learning resources when they first started getting into Cryptocurrency. They decided to create a resource they would have used to learn about Crypto, and their platform is designed to be accessible for the masses.

Spreading Crypto Knowledge

Anyone who’s attempted to explain the basics of blockchain to their friends or family will understand the value of having an easy-to-follow learning resource. Though several universities are starting to offer courses in blockchain, there’s been a real need for a platform that can bring people from zero blockchain experience to crypto-investing prowess. Goodbit is playing an important role in educating the masses about the possibilities of this new tech, as well as helping them invest.

If you’re worried about which hardware wallet to buy or which exchange to use, the expert reviews section gives a good general overview of what’s out there. They also help you get your wallet up and running and provide a step-by-step guide to moving funds in and out of exchanges and wallets.

By using the tools provided on the Goodbit platform, new users can easily find and purchase coins as well as set up wallets. Users can also get in touch directly with the Goodbit team, Maverick Kuhn, Lucas Tesler, and Zachary Jordan, who are happy to share their knowledge. The futures of both Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are exciting, and Goodbit is leading the pack when it comes to getting new users on board.