Ethereum Calls For DApps With Real-World Impact


The Ethereum Foundation has announced that it is seeking out dApps that aim to make a difference in the world. On December 19th, the organization published a short survey asking developers and users to identify Ethereum-based apps that are striving to solve real-world issues.

It seems that the results of the survey will be used to reach out to socially conscious app developers. The blog post suggests that the Ethereum Foundation will publicize and highlight the work of app developers as part of an ongoing campaign for change.

The initiative will also connect underfunded developers with members of the blockchain industry through scholarships and other programs. But will the Ethereum Foundation’s efforts provide dApps with a new purpose to fulfill?

A New Role For DApps

DApps are a relatively new addition to blockchain technology, but they hold plenty of promise. Thanks to their underlying smart contracts, dApps can handle blockchain transactions automatically and efficiently on a large scale. However, they also provide a user experience that resembles that of a traditional web application.

In short, dApps combine efficient blockchain transactions with general accessibility. Yet on the whole, dApps have had varying success. CryptoKitties went live on Ethereum in November 2017 and quickly became a viral sensation. Since then, the number of dApps on Ethereum has skyrocketed.

However, few if any dApps have achieved the same level of popularity that CryptoKitties once had — and CryptoKitties itself has lost most of its popularity. As such, a social mission could provide a new role and a new image for dApps.

Fortunately, there are plenty of candidates that might deserve the Ethereum Foundation’s attention: Ethereum currently hosts over over 1300 apps, and some of those apps will surely gain a boost from this new initiative.

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Other Projects With Social Impact

The Ethereum Foundation notes that it has a responsibility to promote a globally accessible internet and a just society. This is indeed an increasingly common goal of blockchain projects, and many blockchain groups and companies have already taken on prosocial roles.

Recently, Stellar highlighted the efforts of its community to bring about financial inclusion and offer banking services to the unbanked. Meanwhile, the leading exchange Binance has become involved with international donations, an effort that quickly gained the attention of TRON.

The Ethereum Foundation itself acknowledges that this is a growing trend, noting that they are just “one star among many” when it comes to causing real-world change. In the coming years, it seems that many more socially conscious blockchain projects will come to the forefront.

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