Dash Community Tries To Attract NPR With Swag Overload

The Dash community is making an effort to gain the attention of NPR in hopes that the altcoin will be featured on one of the network’s most popular business shows, How I Built This with Guy Raz. The show has featured interviews with the individuals behind VICE, Airbnb, and Buzzfeed, meaning that Dash will stand among giants if it does in fact get featured on the show.

If the campaign succeeds, Ryan Taylor (the CEO of Dash) and Joel Valenzuela (Public Outreach for Dash Force) will be interviewed in an upcoming episode. Over the past month, the community has been sending tweets and messages to NPR, and now it is ramping up the campaign by sending merchandise as well. Redditor /u/solarguy2003 writes:

“Mr. Hack is sending cool Dash swag to Guy Raz at NPR EVERY DAY THROUGH THE END OF DECEMBER….We’re hoping the mail room people at NPR take Guy Raz aside and say, ‘Dude, you gotta go talk to these Dash people so they quit sending coffee cups and gloves.’”

Attracting the attention of NPR is no small task, but Dash is a fairly high-profile project. The coin originated in 2014 as a fork of Litecoin, and it is now the fifteenth largest coin when measured by market cap. It also has a number of attractive features: Dash serves as a privacy coin that conceals user data, and it offers inexpensive and fast transactions. The coin did attract controversy due to its early pre-mining practices, but remains fairly popular nonetheless.

Dash has already gained a significant amount of adoption, with nearly 4500 merchants accepting the coin worldwide — primarily in Venezuela, where hyperinflation is driving the adoption of cryptocurrency. Additionally, there are 741 Dash ATMs across the globe, a number that is equal to about 18% of the Bitcoin ATMs that currently exist.

Yet despite these advantages, Dash has received relatively little coverage in the crypto news cycle, especially compared to other closely ranked privacy coins. Over the course of December, the leading news site Coin Telegraph published just five stories that mentioned Dash, while Zcash and Monero were mentioned in at least a dozen stories each.

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However, this low level of coverage may not stop the coin from attracting the attention of larger media organizations. Joel Valenzuela has previously succeeded in attracting the attention of CNN, which covered Dash earlier this year. This means that an appearance on NPR is well within reach for the Dash community if everything goes according to plan.

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