Bitcoin SV [BSV]’s Dr. Craig S Wright says SPV is being “patented and licensed to SV exclusively”


Dr. Craig S Wright had claimed on Twitter a few days back to teach people “how to build” Simplified Payment Verification [SPV] system. On December 10, he took to Twitter to say that the SPV system is “being patented”. The tweet stated:

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

SPV allows users to validate their transactions without having to be bothered about anyone else’s transactions. SPV ensures that the user’s transactions are in a block and it also provides confirmation or proof of work about the additional blocks are being added to the chain, as reported by Jonald Fyookball on Medium.

Wright, popularly known as Faketoshi, has been reminding his followers about the mention of SPV in Satoshi’s Bitcoin white paper. He had recently tweeted about giving 10 years to everyone to build SPV through Satoshi’s White paper. Wright wrote:

“In January 2019, we will start showing people how Bitcoin (any blockchain) scales. It requires SPV & SPV does not use servers (so, Electrum is not SPV). I gave 10 years, hints… much more… And, nobody bothered to learn, so it will be patented and licensed to SV exclusively”.

Wright disregarded Electrum, a Bitcoin Wallet, of not using SPV altogether as SPV does not use any server. Earlier too, Wright had played the same card. Wright had said:

“In 2019 we will start to teach people how to build real SPV systems. No fraud proofs, secure, instant. It was hinted at in the whitepaper, but nobody has managed to get it. So, I will do it for you. I had hoped others would have understood and run with this, but…”

Wright had been vocal about his commitments in the past with respect to BSV. Along with patenting the SPV system, Wright has claimed to process terabyte-sized blocks within two years for BSV.

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