Bitcoin SV [BSV]’s Craig Wright: I am going to ask Visa to move to Bitcoin


The world of cryptocurrencies is undergoing what is popularly called the ‘crypto-winter’. This event has also resulted in a lot of famous personalities involved in the space making predictions about the market. In a recent interview with Crypto Finder, Craig Wright, the Chief Scientist at nChain, spoke about a future Bitcoin economy and its impact on the society.

Wright stated that the community needs to go through a commodity ledger and a commodity value has to be obtained. He said that the community needs to use and understand tokenized money and only then will it be pushed into the realm of mainstream adoption. In his words:

“Some platforms that use Bitcoin Cash have already started pushing into different boundaries. The technology also enabled us to tie cryptocurrencies with the United States dollar. The only way we are going to have an acceptable stablecoin is if the central banks issue something.”

Wright went ahead to state that in 2019, the atomic swap process will take place, an event that was postponed due to the hectic Bitcoin Cash hard fork. The computer scientist also touched upon how the atomic swap process will allow people to create exchanges and enable them to use the United States dollar on-chain. He further said:

“In the near future, I will be using Bitcoin without even knowing I am using a digital asset. People will be able to pay for Euro, Pound and can instantly change it to whichever currency they require. Users will possess a wallet that will pay for microtransactions and their invoices will be stored in the ledger.”

The Bitcoin SV proponent was also of the opinion that web pages will start accepting Bitcoin as payments and the digital asset’s value in the community will rise. Craig Wright was also frank in admitting that he will approach established banks and even “the evil credit card companies”. He elucidated:

“I will tell those banks that we can provide better settlement and ask them to switch to Bitcoin. Maybe even offer to get rid of their fraud department.”

Craig Wright has also been quite vocal about Bitcoin  SV, which at the moment is holding steady in the top-ten cryptocurrency club.

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