Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent Roger Ver talks about Coinbase, IPFS and more

The cryptocurrency market has been through a tumultuous ride over the past one week with a gradual bull run lifting the prices and support of a lot of cryptocurrencies. The price rise scenario has also witnessed prominent personalities in the crypto verse coming out and commenting on the updates and developments in the space. The latest example of this is Roger Ver, the Chief Executive Officer of and major proponent of Bitcoin Cash.

In a video released by, Ver touched upon the latest developments on the Bitcoin Cash network and appreciated a lot of developers within the system. One of the latest developments talked about the CEO was about, a website that allows the public to look at what is happening on the Bitcoin Cash network. The site also allows users to observe and act on the developer channels on the network. currently displays the statistics of the BCH hard fork stating:

“The Bitcoin Cash network has now been upgraded! 5461 blocks have been mined under the new consensus rules!  Bitcoin Cash is currently 20.4% ahead on proof of work. Bitcoin Cash is currently 54 blocks ahead.”

Another topic discussed in the video was Open Swap- a fork of electron cash atomic swap on Bitcoin Cash. Users were also told that the Electron Cash wallet was available for Android users as well as iOS and Mac users. The official also touched upon Coinbase’s latest feature of direct cryptocurrency conversion and how it played a part in Bitcoin Cash’s recent bullish surge.

The company’s official blog had stated:

“As a crypto-first company, it’s important that we build features that let people take advantage of the unique attributes of cryptocurrency. That’s why we’re beginning to roll out a new feature called Convert, which customers can use to convert one cryptocurrency into another.”

The team also discussed a new protocol called the InterPlanetary File System or IPFS, which is soon coming to Bitcoin Cash. The developer of IPFS has stated that it is an overlays network that acts as a Peer-to-Peer network of connected applications. The goal is not just to come to BCH wallets together for the purpose of payment channels but to be used by any BCH application that needs access to a high-performance feature-rich P2P network, said the developers.

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