Bitcoin [BTC], XRP, Ethereum [ETH] begin volley of attacks against the bear: Castle of red crumbles


The cryptocurrency market has begun to beat back an attack against the bear yet again, as it is now recovering with single digit growth. The past week has been a tough one for top cryptocurrencies Bitcoin [BTC], XRP, and Ethereum [ETH], with the coins demonstrating loss percentages of 3.7%, 7.7% and 4.3% respectively.

The top cryptocurrency has recently broken out of the sideways movement that it has been undergoing since the past 2 days, with an upward tick towards the $4150 mark after trading around the $4000 level. This comes after a drop from the $4200 mark saw the coin slide to the low $4000s. The coin saw a high of $4410 this week on November 29th and a low of $3600 on November 25th.

XRP, the #2 cryptocurrency, was trading at around the $0.40 mark at the beginning of the week, before seeing a downslide to the $0.32 level. This was then followed by a hike to $0.40 again on November 29th, marking its high this week, before dropping to $0.35. This was then followed by sideways movement until the current time, where the coin is now contesting the $0.40 mark yet again.

Ethereum has had a rough week, trading in between $100 and $125 this week, with the lowest on November 25th. The coin found a bottom on its downslide over 24th and 25th at $100, its lowest price this year. The coin saw a high of $125 on November 29th, the momentum from which has seen it go back to below the $120 mark.

It seems to be trying to take back the $120 zone as seen by today’s hike, breaking out of the largely restrained movement over the week except for a drop to $100 on November 25th.

The bear seems to be moving away from the market, giving the bulls a chance to take back the momentum and give HODLers what they were waiting for.

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