Bitcoin [BTC] transactions worth $364 million seen since the start of December 2018


On December 3, 2018, 19:08 UTC a total of 66,233.7478957 BTC was transferred into 101 wallets and the total transactions are worth a whopping ~$261 million.

The source and the destination wallets were both legacy addresses and the transaction costed a total of 0.01112565 BTC or $43.91.

The destination wallets were composed of 100 “bech32” wallets that usually start with “bc1q” while one wallet was starting with “1FUBE” which appears to be a vanity address generated by the user to avoid boring, random cryptic addresses generated automatically.

In the above mentioned 101 addresses, 100 bech32 wallets received equal sums of 660.33747869 BTC, but one address stood-out as it was a legacy address and received 200BTC

Bech32 is a native SegWit address format that was introduced by BIP173 as a SegWit address. Bech32 consist of around 42 signs and start with bc1.

On researching more about the vanity address it was noted that the legacy address that received 200 BTC currently holds a total of 8000 BTC worth $31.51 million. The transaction details of this address showed a total of 44, of which 38 transactions were of the exact amount of 200BTC and the remaining 6 transactions seemed to have random amount deposited into them, but when added up, it amounts to an exact total of 8000.00009 BTC.

Furthermore, all of the 100 bech32 wallet addresses that received 660 BTC now seem to be showing no balance. The transfer seemed to have occurred on OTC and not on the secondary markets, which would have caused a huge decline in prices for BTC.

The original address seemed to have been barely active with minute deposits to the address. The only major transaction that can be seen on the wallet can be seen on November 15 which was a deposit of total of 329.81 BTC.

Another major transaction took place on December 03, 18 which saw a transfer of 26,215 BTC between legacy addresses, with a total fee of 0.00478118 BTC or $18.87.

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