Bitcoin [BTC] Jesus says Japan comes first in global cryptocurrency adoption


Roger Ver aka the Bitcoin Jesus, spoke about the Bitcoin/cryptocurrency market crash and said that waiting for the bottom and not knowing the bottom for the current bear market was exciting.

Ver added that he was a believer and said that the future of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin was bright. He continued:

“I’m a fundamentals investor who started investing on fundamentals long term… There’s more awareness. There’s more adoption… happening all over the world. So of course, I’m incredibly bullish on the entire crypto coin ecosystem and Bitcoin Cash specifically.”

Speaking about the recent hacks and the uncovered Ponzi scheme, Ver said that it wasn’t degrading cryptocurrencies but in fact helping increase awareness. Ver added:

“And the fact that hackers are trying to hack it shows that is worth something. If it wasn’t worth anything or wasn’t useful. Hackers wouldn’t be wasting their time trying to hack it. So if anything, it’s just more bullish signals that cryptocurrency is here to stay. And here for the long term.”

Furthermore, Bitcoin Jesus agreed that Japan’s Financial Services Agency [FSA] had turned over the cryptocurrency regulation reins to the industry participants rather than bureaucrats, and said that it would be naive to let politicians in government offices control the regulations around cryptocurrencies. He said that customers and the industry players need to be in control of the ecosystem since they’re the most knowledgeable.

Ver said that Japan is the leading country when it came to cryptocurrency adoption, he continued:

“So of course, the standard the participants that know the most and have the most skin in the game so they’re the right ones to be handling this… So I was here long before the invention of cryptocurrency.”

A Twitter user Cryptomarket Intelligence replied:

“I agree with Roger on looking at the fundamentals. They are a much better indicator of the health of the industry than the price.”

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