XRP Tip Bot and Wirex might reach collaboration to provide top-up service for new users

Recently, Wietse Wind, the creator of the XRP Tip Bot app, wrote in a tweet to the cryptocurrency platform Wirex, requesting a collaboration between the two parties for the purpose of Tip Bot top-up. The post was only with regards to the new users on XRP Tip Bot. Wind’s tweet read:

“Hi @wirexapp, you’ve got mail Something about simple TipBot App topups (for new users, not owning any XRP) using your services. I would perfectly understand a “no”, but hey… Here goes nothing”

XRP Tip Bot is a micropayments service for the XRP community where the members within the ecosystem can send and receive XRP through social media platforms, namely, Twitter, Reddit, and Discord. The accounts have to be connected to the Tip Bot portal to start using the service.

As of now, over 2,000 users have activated their Tip Bot app at the onset of the app being approved by Google and Apple stores. Furthermore, the creators including Wietse Wind released a video showcasing several features added to the app. He stated that the XRP Tip Bot mobile app has the options, such as show/hide balance, sync contacts and browse through the transaction history.

To Wind’s Twitter post, Wirex responded positively and commented:

“Hi there Wietse, we have not received a DM from you but will follow this up with via DM now and get you linked with the relevant department “

In this series, the last tweet by Wind stated a positive conclusion wherein he informed his followers that he received an email response by the Wirex CEO. He indicated towards a possibility of Wirex accepting his previous request. However, Wind did not confirm any stance on the matter.

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