XRP, Amazon Alexa to meet as TipBot app creator seeks collaboration approval

In the recent reports, the XRP community appears to be stirred with a lot of news related to the adoption of the cryptocurrency through many sources, for instance, xRapid, the cross-border remittance service built by Ripple and XRP Tip Bot, the micropayments service built by the third-party developer, Wietse Wind.

XRP adoption has reached a great level with big stores like Google and Apple and institutions like SBI Financial and MUFG Bank Ltd. getting involved with the technology.

In a recent scenario, the creator of XRP Tip Bot was reported to have been seeking approval from Amazon to integrate the blockchain app with Alexa. It is also believed that he has designed a feature that will enable the users to check their balances and send/receive XRP by commanding Alexa. Earlier, the Tip Bot app saw its integration on the popular social media platforms – Twitter, Reddit and Discord.

In one of the Twitter comments, an XRP follower and a blockchain enthusiast inquired about the Tip Bot being integrated with the mobile messaging app, WhatsApp. Here, Wietse Wind responded by stating:

“Also a great idea. Our resources are limited, so we’re going to focus on a few other things, and we’re building TipBot V2 (it will take some months) allowing other developers to integrate with the TipBot”

The reports also stated that Nixer is an independent programmer leading the Alexa-Tip Bot project. Once completed, the project will then be sent for approval.

Tiffany Hayden, who is a crypto-fan and Wind follower commented:

“Thank you for providing such a fun and great resource to the $XRP Community!
If there are things that we can do to make your life easier, please, please let us know!”

Another Twitter user wrote:

“I bet @xrptipbot will become a bank at some point :D.”

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