To invest or stay away from Bitcoin?

You might have heard a thing or two about Bitcoin and have even wondered whether you should put some money in it. News everywhere would have mentioned something about Bitcoin whether bad or good. Many have even become filthy rich by trading Bitcoin and many others want to experience the same fate as well.

However, trading cryptocurrencies definitely carries risk. While there are big gainers, there have been many who lost a great deal of money as well. We don’t want you to dive into this market and crash straight away.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was created as a digital currency by an anonymous in 2009. This currency is mainly used as a store of value or payment. Bitcoin payments doesn’t require banks and remains completely confidential.

Bitcoin had started out having a value way below a dollar. However last year, Bitcoin surge to its all time high to hit about 20k per bitcoin. Imagine the amount of money someone who bought Bitcoin even at a few dollars to selling it at 5 digits a piece! That is why many see this market as an opportunity for retirement.

However, things isn’t as simple as it seems and many still get confused over how this works. But we got your back! With The Trading Game, all your questions will be answered.

The Trading Game

Trading Game is not only a cryptocurrency trading simulator but also a stock and forex simulator as well. You will be able to experience the vast difference in the forex and cryptocurrency markets and learn a lot about the financial markets.

The trading simulator in the app offers real time trading and also actual financial tools you can use to assist in your trading. You can go all out without having to risk a single cent and learn as much as you can.

If you are finding something different, head over to the quiz section to answer questions on the financial markets. Over 400 questions at various difficulty levels for you to find out where you stand.

This app is suitable for beginners and those who needs a refresher course. Trading Game has unique school lessons to teach users the basics of trading. Many tips and tricks are shared as well by professional traders so there is definitely something for everyone.

Trading will always have risk but with the Trading Game, it prepares you for the real deal. Gain some experience and knowledge before risking your own money!