Monero’s UI/UX designer speaks about decentralization and entry into inner circle of XMR community

In a recent podcast interview by Coin Boys, Diego Salazar spoke about Monero and how it doesn’t have any central authority figure who controls the direction of the project.

Monero is a privacy coin that was created in April 2014 which focuses on fungibility, privacy, and decentralization in a world that is completely centralized. Diego Salazar, more commonly known as “Rehrar,” clarified how Monero is not a project that has a central authority that controls or decides where the project should proceed, rather, it is a group of core team members who are trusted and determine the course of action for the project. He explained saying:

“Our core team handles a lot of things that require trust…so we have individuals that have been within Monero project since the beginning that we trust, you know for particular tasks like maintaining a domain for the project and payments. “

He further explained saying ‘’ isn’t an “official website” but it is stewarded by the core team and is community maintained. Rehrar added that the main responsibility of the core team is to merge code in their implementation but also confirmed that nobody has “monopoly” over implementation and that anyone could make another implementation, be it in C++ or Python or JavaScript.

He continued saying that there was a reputation element and that the code that was stewarded by the core team was the most respected, trusted and reviewed.

Diego Salazar, as he explained it, was a good UI/UX designer and not a coder, so he started to design bits and stuff for Monero until he started to get noticed by the community as his name started to pop up in the community more often. He continued his explanation saying:

“The community is large and vast and there are people that are passionate about this [Monero] and I’m one of those people. You just see where you can consistently help and dedicate your resources and time until you get noticed.”

Rehrar concluded by saying that Monero was his first open source project after which people started noticing him and that inner members started vouching for him for tasks that required a ‘little more trust.’

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