Litecoin [LTC] was a natural fit for Coindroid game. says cryptocurrency game creator

Litecoin has been trying to expand their reach and has received massive adoption lately, with the latest being used an integral part of the Coindriod game. The cryptocurrency game has raised a lot of eyebrows in the crypto-community due to its creativity and adoption of various cryptocurrencies in-game like Litecoin [LTC], Dogecoin [DGC] and Bitcoin [BTC].

The Coindroid creator Josh, in a podcast, said that he was inspired by SatoshiDice, a Bitcoin game, and decided to develop a game like SatoshiDice, but by taking it further and making it skill-based.

He said that they were researching a lot of cryptocurrencies that would fit the ideas they had for the game. He continued:

“Litecoin just seemed like the natural fit. It’s got a really nice fast block time, great fees, it just made a lot of sense for our game in our in coin droids. And you’re transactions in the game are about 13 – 14 cents, So doing that inside Bitcoin didn’t really make sense for fees perspective, but also 10-minute blocks ends up being almost a little bit too slow for the game”

In a spat between Roger Ver, Jihan Wu and Craig Wright on BCH fork, Charlie Lee weighed in supporting the latter saying:

“Bitcoin Satoshi Vision is the real Bitcoin Cash. Karma’s a BCH”

Litecoin is gaining traction as it is being used for payments at various restaurants across the US. Furthermore, a place called Sendai Sushi is accepting payments in Litecoin.

Lite.IM is a project that was launched by Zulu to enable SMS payments. With Lite.IM Litecoin transactions can be done using Facebook messenger. The integration of Lite.IM allows access to cryptocurrency over 2 billion people on Facebook.

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