HashPuppies One-Ups CryptoKitties on the NEO Blockchain

HashPuppies, a NEO-based collectible game in the vein of CryptoKitties, has released a demo with several exciting new features. The game will take blockchain-based pet simulators to a new level with 3D interaction and an astounding number of unique pets.

The concept behind cryptocollectible games is simple: the blockchain is used to randomly generate unique, non-fungible tokens. In this case, the tokens represent virtual pets. This is essentially a lottery that runs on simulated genetics: players buy pets with certain traits, breed those pets, and hope that a rare (and valuable) pet is produced.

More Combinations

HashPuppies boasts numerous technical innovations, and one is the sheer number of possible trait combinations. “Quadrillions of possible combinations” exist in HashPuppies — several times more than the number of combinations offered by CryptoKitties, which only allows for four billion possible pets.

Although neither game is in danger of reaching its unique pet limit any time soon, more combinations adds variety to the game. HashPuppies has also introduced “blank genes” that allow the team to add new traits later on. Plus, random mutations allow puppies to acquire secret traits, whereas CryptoKitties are generated according to deterministic rules.

More Interaction

The game will also attempt to attract a wider audience by introducing plenty of interactivity. In addition to adding 3D gameplay, HashPuppies will allow players to take care of their puppies in order to improve the chances of successful breeding. Over time, quests, contests, and explorable areas will also be added to the game. As Joe Stewart, the CEO of the company behind the game, notes:

“We realized how limited the CryptoKitties experience was…if the only point was making money … We decided to go beyond what CryptoKitties had done, with a fully-realized 3D game including interaction and training.”

Blockchain games have come a long way since CryptoKitties began the trend on Ethereum a year ago, and HashPuppies is just one of many projects to adopt alternative blockchain platforms for game development. A number of collectible games have been implemented on various blockchain platforms, such as Etheremon on Zilliqa and Blockchain Cuties on EOS.

However, NEO in particular is becoming a particularly viable alternative to Ethereum in this area — not just due to its high market cap and focus on smart contracts, but also due to its extensive game development capabilities.

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