Global Blockchain Ventures Reveals $100,000,000 Venture Fund For Innovation In Emerging Tech

Global Blockchain Ventures (GBV), a group driving “innovation in a blockchain enabled future”, announced a $100,000,000 blockchain technology-focused venture capital fund alongside Stonegate Digital Capital group, according to a press release. Stonegate Digital fronted a seven-figure investment to start.

“We’ve assembled a dream team of leaders in finance and technology that will accelerate Blockchain innovations from across the globe,” reads the release. “Our platform goes well beyond cryptocurrency investment to unlock the power of Blockchain to transform our world, particularly health, education, and enterprise systems.”

Moving The World Forward

Global Blockchain Ventures invests in technology such as the internet of things, artificial intelligence and medtech. It is led by VC experts including Al Weiss, David Metcalf Ph.D., Max Hooper Ph.D., and Dieter Kondek. All of these members have previous experience with reputable organizations such as NASA, IBM, and Disney.

As chairman and general partner of GBV, Al Weiss shares his thoughts on the reveal:

“This is a very exciting time in history and we are blessed to be at the forefront of a technology that possesses the potential, and is well on its way, to disrupt all industries. My partners and I truly believe and understand this technology and we are excited to fuel innovation in blockchain and distributed ledger technology. This technology has vast potential for beneficial and practical use cases for economic growth and positive social impact.”

As of now, GBV is looking to build out its team and incorporate new advisers and VC partners. Their goal is to lead the most promising blockchain projects into disrupting not only the state of Florida, but the world economy as well.

GBV plans to go hands-on with its investments. Not only will it provide funding, but the group will get involved with projects to ensure a “supportive ecosystem” and lead their companies into “long-term success.” For example, Dr. Metcalf works with the University of Central Florida (UCF) in ensuring the success of its Mixed Emerging Technology Integration Lab (METIL).

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Global Collaboration

The group was founded on the basis of leveraging the “decades of experience” from each member and moving it into the emerging world of blockchain. GBV partners with different firms from across the globe, such as the Blockchain Financial Group (BFG) — a company with a focus in ICO consulting, blockchain and cryptocurrency research, and digital asset investments.

John McCorvey III, who holds a spot on the Board of Advisers at GBV in addition to being CEO of both BFG and Stonegate Digital, shared his thoughts on the investment:

“We have had a long-standing relationship with the GBV team and made an investment in the fund given the opportunity to work more closely with them to support promising Blockchain ventures. The background of the team members speaks volumes about their capabilities and the global alliances they have built in Israel, Europe & India will create a strong deal flow of blockchain solution companies for the fund, specifically in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Healthcare, MedTech, Gaming and the Internet of Things.”

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