Ethereum [ETH] holds its position strong after XRP takeover scare; users await Ethereum 2.0

Ethereum [ETH] has been fighting hard in the cryptocurrency market trying to fend off XRP from taking over its position as the second-placed cryptocurrency on the charts. Just recently, XRP had taken over Ethereum to become the cryptocurrency with the second most market cap on the charts, after which ETH regained its dominance.

Ethereum also made news recently when Glen Weyl, the Principal Researcher, Political Economy and Social Technology at Microsoft Research New York talked about the Ethereum blockchain and its Co-Founder Vitalik Buteruin. He stated:

“It seems to me that in the same way, the “use case” of @ethereum is less any particular technical question and more offering a vision of the future that can save us from returning to the 1930’s next time we hit a recession. I wonder what @VitalikButerin thinks of that.”

Vitalik Buterin was not someone to shy away from the use cases of the Ethereum network, saying that Ethereum 2.0 will be 1000 times more scalable than its predecessor. The Co-Founder of Ethereum banked upon the latest version of Ethereum called ‘Serenity’ and said that it is aimed to be more secure. Buterin also said that Serenity will be able to perform a multitude of operations while consuming very little energy. He added:

“Serenity is the world computer as it’s really meant to be, and not a smartphone from 1999 that can process only 20 transactions a second.”

Vitalik Buterin had also spoken about the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade by calling it a marked step up from the already established network. He said:

“It is a combination of a bunch of different features that we have been talking about for the past several years. We have been actively researching, building, and now, finally getting them all together.”

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