Ethereum browser Metamask releases its new version with ‘Privacy Mode’

Metamask recently made an announcement regarding the launch of the updated version of the Ethereum browser, Metamask  5.0. The main feature of this version includes a privacy mode, through which the dApps will be prompted to seek permission to view a user’s account address.

Tweet by Metamask:

“Today we’re rolling out our new Privacy Mode! At first, it is opt-in, but early next week we plan to make this the new default!”

The main function of Metamask is to help the users interact with all the Ethereum based websites. A JavaScript object name ‘Ethreum Provider’ is added to all the websites the user visits. Ethereum Provider lets the website perform various actions such as propose Ethereum transactions, ask for your signature, query the blockchain, etc.

According to Metamask, the above-mentioned features are not ideal for the privacy of its users. This will also expose the Ethereum address of the user to the public, through which anybody can gain access to the account balance, transaction history etc.

The new feature introduced by Metamask provides improved privacy settings across the Ethereum ecosystem. This update is based on Ethereum’s EIP 1102 [Extended Internet Protocol]. Once the Privacy mode is enabled, all the websites will be forced to seek permission through a popup displayed on the screen.

All the dApps developers are advised to follow the instructions provided by Metamask to stay compatible with the privacy mode. However, this enhancement makes the user’s life easier.

Also, the dApps which are not EIP 1102 complaint will not be working as expected. In this scenario, users must turn off the privacy setting option for better performance of the site.

A blockchain enthusiast on Twitter says:

“Foxxy as hell.”

The Metamask team mentioned:

“Privacy Mode will eventually be the default experience for all MetaMask users.”

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