Bitcoin SV is not the original Bitcoin Cash [BCH], it is the original Bitcoin, says CoinGeek’s Calvin Ayre

Earlier today, Calvin Ayre, Founder of Ayre Group and a key player in the Bitcoin Cash hash war, stated that Bitcoin Satoshi Vision [BSV], the upgrade implemented by nChain and Ayre’s CoinGeek is the original Bitcoin [BTC]. The announcement which was made on the official portal of CoinGeek states that the “Original Bitcoin will live on as Bitcoin SV [BSV].

Ayre started off by stating that the end-game for CoinGeek was to always to ensure that a version of the original Bitcoin which upholds Bitcoin’s economic design. He added that the developers of Bitcoin have always “tinkered it to death”. Firstly, due to the Bitcoin Segwit fork and secondly, due to the abandonment of the Nakamoto consensus and the trust in miners’ Proof-of-Work [PoW] by the ABC team.

He added:

“This is fine for them to test their thinking, but not by killing Bitcoin before it’s even testes properly so we stepped in. It is CoinGeek’s opinion that the two chains are now so far apart and have such divergent plans ahead that there is just no path back to joining them.”

Ayre went on to say that they do not want the name Bitcoin Cash [BCH]. He further stated that Bitcoin SV is the “original Bitcoin” and does not identify itself as the original Bitcoin Cash. According to him, nChain is “happy” to leave Bitcoin Cash ABC chain only if there is a replay protection and a permanent split.

The Founder said:

“This is very convenient as the definition of winning is fundamentally different to each side so there is a win-win solution here. From where CoinGeek sits right now, us permanently splitting the chains by ABC enacting replay protection will give both sides a WIN. Bitcoin will live on with Bitcoin SV and will finally have a chance to show off the true power of the original economic model.”

He continued to say that ABC can display their beliefs and that the models can compete in the market, giving the power to the users. Ayre added that they can ensure “civility” if the ABC agrees for the permanent split, and has called upon “exchanges and payment processors” to help them persuade everybody to come to terms with the solution. Additionally, the Founder stated that he has “instructed his team to roll-out” the new SV tokens.

Calvin Ayre said on Twitter:

“CoinGeek now feels there is no point in negotiating. If ABC puts replay protection in to permanently split the chains we will ensure that nobody bothers them again. They can keep BCH as BSV is not the original Bitcoin Cash its the original Bitcoin.”

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