Bitcoin SV [BSV] is better than Ethereum [ETH]; can support higher volume transactions, says Calvin Ayre


Bitcoin Cash SV [Satoshi’s Vision] ranked seventh in the top-10 list of CoinMarketCap on Tuesday, even though the market appeared largely bearish. Calvin Ayre, the founder of Ayre group and a key player in the crypto market, stated in an article for Coingeek that BSV’s return was in the form of an “original Bitcoin” and the future of BSV.

Ayre claimed that BSV is the only safe deal in the volatile market. He stated:

“It is a superior technology, head and shoulders above any other chain, and this has been proven when we mined a 64 MB block on the BSV chain last week. No other crypto platform is even close to scaling this much, and this is only the beginning of BSV’s scaling road map.”

Ayre termed this a comeback for the original Bitcoin and mentioned that it will be about scaling in order to arouse the interest of enterprise-level application development.

The Ayre founder also bragged about BSV being not only equivalent to Ethereum [ETH], but being better. He claimed that BSV can do anything Ethereum does, and can also scale for higher volume transactions. He further claimed that BSV is much more secure when compared to Ethereum.

Ayre predicted that BSV will replace other blockchain technologies who will fail to scale. He believes that the beginning of 2019 will give way for development and BSV will take advantage of a stable platform and lower the cost of microtransactions.

The founder of Ayre group also added the benefits for the miners and the mining hardware sales. Ayre stated that the low cost of microtransaction will allow unique businesses to exist and impel transaction volumes and mining fees. This, in turn, will generate revenues for mining and hardware sales, according to the founder of Ayre. He concluded:

“This means that the one platform that uniquely drives the mining industry itself is Bitcoin SV, the world’s most scalable cryptocurrency, and all miners should be supporting this platform.”

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