Bitcoin Cash SV is the closest to Bitcoin [BTC]’s protocol, says Money Button CEO

Ryan X Charles, the CEO of Money Button and Yours. Inc spoke about his discovery of Bitcoin [BTC], in his recent Youtube discussion. He also explained the reason he chose Bitcoin Cash SV and its correlation to Bitcoin’s core.

Charles stated that he discovered Bitcoin in the year 2011. Succeeding which, he became obsessed with it and got completely involved in the Bitcoin space in 2003. He went on to speak about the reasons he opted Bitcoin Cash SV over Bitcoin Cash ABC. The CEO stated:

“The first reason is simply just the idea that this is the closest thing we have to the original protocol. I don’t think there was anything wrong with the original protocol. The more I’ve learned about Bitcoin over time and worked through the possible scenario, I’m convinced the original protocol will work at scale.”

He further clarified that his definition of the original protocol means the original economic protocol and not the original code in itself. Charles went on to say that its the idea that one person signs a transaction and gives it to another person P2P and the idea that the person receives it, gives it to the miners who validate it and confirm it into a block and make sure there are no double spends in the blocks. This includes the other properties such as having a total of 21 million coins and the inflation schedule which gets cut in half every four years.

The CEO said:

“The subsidy as well as transaction fees and you also have transactions have inputs and outputs, can have more than one input and can have more than one output and that the inputs and the outputs contain scrip and that scrip is a language that although lacking in loops actually has the ability to compute any number.”

He further added:

“You just have to have a long script so you can unroll loops in the script and you can do smart contracts that actually involve the computation of anything you could possibly want to compute, inside script and that is basically Bitcoin. The fact that miners, you know, expend in a way that is provable that all they did was spend energy just to find the block and you can look at all these things in a purely economic way separate from the software in the cryptography”

Charles also said that he likes Bitcoin and the idea of sound money for the whole world. He added that at present, the focus should be on removing the limits of Bitcoin which is an economic challenge and the next would be getting rid of the DDoS attack vectors which occur, an engineering challenge. The CEO continued to say that he likes the idea that Bitcoin is bringing economic freedom to the entire world and that SV is the closest to Bitcoin’s protocol.

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