Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent Roger Ver: “There is a lot of argument because BCH is the most decentralized”

The upcoming November 15 hard fork has been considered as a decisive point for Bitcoin Cash [BCH], with several proponents of the cryptocurrency waiting for the event.

In a recent interview with Crypto trader Ran NeuNer, Roger Ver, the Chief Executive Officer of, spoke about the hard fork as well as the conflicts within the Bitcoin Cash system. Ver had also stated recently that he does not really know the impact the hard fork will have on the BCH network but believes in a positive turn. He said:

“Even when the big blockers wound up having basically the majority of the hash rate – they had more than 50% at one point – they were still scared to set a flag date… Like, okay here’s the date we’re gonna mine the bigger block. And because they were all scared to actually take action we wound up where we are.”

During the interview, Roger Ver also said that the reason why there is so much conflict within the BCH system is because of how decentralized the cryptocurrency is. According to him, everyone agrees that Bitcoin Cash should be accepted as cash across all platforms.

Ver even brought in nChain’s Craig Wright, saying that he is his own person and his comments are not going to have any effects on the platform Craig Wright was also in the news recently when he was attacked by Bitmain’s Jihan Wu who called Wright a “Blockstream spy”. Wu had said:

“From the very beginning, I have had a conspiracy theory that CSW is a spy controlled by Blockstream.”

The CEO of also pointed out that there were two ideologies in the BCH network, one that wants the 128 MB block size to be implemented as soon as possible while the other party wants it to be launched in May 2019. The discussion between NeuNer and Ver also informed users that the two factions were led by Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre, while the other size was spearheaded by Jihan Wu.

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