Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent Roger Ver and Bitmain’s Jihan Wu should burn to the ground: Craig Wright


The Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hash war has only escalated since November 15, the day of the hard fork. The fork has been propagated by two different parties, the ABC implementation led by’s Roger Ver while the SV implementation was led by Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre.

A recent live stream conducted by Decentralized Thought was crashed in by Craig Wright, where he gave his thought on the hard fork as well as Bitcoin SV’s future. Wright stated that for a mining pool to be healthy, Bitcoin needs at least 3 mining pools to function properly. He directly jumped into the discussion about the so-called hash-war where he talked about it no holds barred. In his words:

“We are going to dog ABC’s tales till they run out of money. Then we are going to tail them again and see them sell again and again till they crash and burn.”

Wright also claimed that the SV camp had more money than Roger Ver and Bitmain’s Jihan Wu. Although he did not give the exact figures, he went on to say that “a lot of money for some people is not a lot of money for others”. The nChain official also displayed a slew of luxury watches to prove his financial prowess. Wright went on to say:

“I want to burn Roger and Jihan to the fucking ground till there is no Bitcoin left with them. There will be no hash war left and that is my end goal.”

The Satoshi Vision proponent added that he does not give a ‘shit’ if no one sells. He also put his foot down while stating that he was ready to fight out the hash war till 2026. Craig Wright also gave his opinion on the existing cryptocurrency exchanges, calling a majority of them “illegal gambling exchanges”.

Wright was also in the news recently when he blamed the market’s decline on the recent Bitcoin fallout. He had said:

“We aren’t aiming to make the prices go down but that’s never going to be out because. If we get more money, if we were to get three times as much in BTC for exchange we would actually be able to throw more hash at them. The reality is we’re not seeking to push down to BTC price.  That’s not the goal. It’s just a consequence.”

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