Bitcoin Cash [BCH] might fall apart in November 2018, says Bitcoin proponent

Jimmy Song, one of the most popular Bitcoin Core developer spoke about the ongoing clash in the Bitcoin Cash community, during a discussion with Tone Vays on Youtube.

The Bitcoin core developer stated that there is a “very good chance” for everything to fall apart for Bitcoin Cash in the month of November 2018. This is from the viewpoint of the upcoming hard fork, which set to take place on November 15, 2018.

The current dispute between Bitcoin ABC team and Craig Wright aka Faketoshi has resulted in a split of the Bitcoin Cash community. This is mainly due to Wright’s opposition to ABCs Wormhole implementation, in turn proposing the implementation of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision [SV] on the Bitcoin Cash protocol. Craig Wright, with the support of Coingeek, claims that the SV implementation represents the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. This has led to the decision to be taken care of by the miners, who are currently on Coingeek and Craig Wright’s side.

Jimmy said:

“[…] there’s a lot of people on the Satoshi Vision side that actually have a lot of hashing power. So, I mean their thing has always been, you know, the miners are the ones that determine everything, if the majority of the hashing power is in the Satoshi Vision then the people on the other side of the debate, which I believe Roger is more on with […] I don’t lnow what happens”

This was continued with Song stating that he believes that Roger Ver supports Jihan Wu and is for the Wormhole fork and against Craig Wright. He further revealed the reason he thinks Ver is against Satoshi Vision is that r/btc is making statements against Craig Wright.

This was followed by the two speaking about making a post-mortem episode on the hard fork and staying neutral and Vays adding that he does not know who to “root for”. Song said:

“I mean in a sense we will be kind of like neutral observers because we’re just sort of watching this slow trainwreck happen”

Furthermore, Song related the situation to the statements he made at the Blockchain cruise event. He said that all the Bitcoin Cash proponents are currently “fighting” to be the leader for Bitcoin Cash whereas Vays added that the outcome could be good for Bitcoin from a “fundamental perspective”. Song added

“[…] each of them have enough of a following that they’re going to split up their stuff until their fiefdom is so small that it’s not worth adding”

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