Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hash war was a disappointment, says Bitcoin ABC lead developer

Bitcoin Cash [BCH]’s hard fork saga is still making news in the cryptocurrency community with several proponents of the fork discussing the pros and cons of the November 15 event. Ran NeuNer, also called CryptoTrader, had recently conducted an interview with many officials in the cryptocurrency space and received a lot of comments.

The discussion about the hard fork was kicked off by Roger Ver, the Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of Ver has been at the forefront of making the ABC implementation of the hard fork popular and has stated that Craig Wright, the Chief Scientist at nChain “never delivers on his promises”.

Amaury Sechet, the lead developer of Bitcoin ABC also gave his two cents on the “hash war” between the ABC camp and the Satoshi Vision camp. Sechet was frank when he admitted that there was a lot of talk about a hash war that ended up being a disappointment. He stated that all the talk leading up to the fork did not amount to anything which left many disappointed. The developer went on to say:

“The hash war was nothing much actually. Hash rate from nChain and BSV was used to mine blocks on the SV platform while took ABC. The ABC community wanted to make the BCH community more secure while that is not a vision shared by the SV camp.”

Amaury Sechet did not clearly mention who the winner of the “hash war” was but said that the majority of the community was listing ABC over SV. He added that the BCH ticker is being used for the ABC token and not the SV token. In his words:

“There was never really any point in a hash war as there was no war to win. If there are two software with an incompatible consensus, then a split is bound to happen. No amount of hash power is going to change that scenario. It is up to the people to decide what they want to call the coin, Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Cash ABC.”

After the fork, both SV and ABC have suffered the wrath of the bear with prices plummeting across the market. As per the consensus rules, Bitcoin ABC has mined more blocks than SV on the BCH platform.

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