Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hash war progresses as Bitmain’s Jihan Wu calls Craig Wright a “Blockstream spy”

The upcoming Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hard fork on November 15 has had the cryptocurrency community in a tizzy concerning its outcome. Those involved in the heart of the discussion have also begun speaking up, with Craig Wright, the proponent of Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision and Jihan Wu, the CEO of Bitmain, firing shots at each other regarding the fork.

Wu is pushing for the adoption of a protocol known as Wormhole on the BCH blockchain, which would effectively allow the coin to become a platform for programming and executing smart contracts. This would allow for the issuance of other assets on the BCH blockchain, similar to the Ethereum network.

Craig Wright, on the other hand, wishes to bring Bitcoin back to the way Satoshi Nakamoto, who he claims is himself, envisioned it. The implementation is known as Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision and will lock in the base protocols at Bitcoin v0.1.0 and increase the block size to 128MB. This has led to his vocal criticism of Wu’s idea, leading him to state that he was pushing for a change of the BCH protocol to Proof of Stake.

Now, more recently, Wu has taken to calling Wright a spy working for Blockstream. He stated:

“From the very beginning I have had a conspiracy theory that CSW is a spy controlled by Blockstream.”

This was in response to a screenshot posted by Vin Armani, the CTO of CoinText, which showed Gregory Maxwell, the CTO of Blockstream, reportedly talking to Craig Wright. The email stated:

“I see now that Roger Ver, Rick Falkvinge, Olivier Janssens, and Jihan Wu appear to be aggressively attacking you in public and trying to distance BCH from you. To the best of my knowledge all of these parties previously believed in you. It seems to me that it is simply a matter of time before a forceful public denunciation by someone previously cited as proof of your merit, such as Gavin, brings things crashing down around you.”

This is in reference to Gavin Anderson, one of the few individuals that worked on Bitcoin with Satoshi himself, who claims that Craig Wright is indeed the anonymous creator of Bitcoin. However, many of the BCH community seem to disagree,

User Melik Manukyan on Twitter stated:

“Craig S. Wright
Core S W
Core Segregated W
Core Segregated Witness Core/Segwit
Craig S. Wright is a secret @Blockstream agent sent in to undermine the true #Bitcoin and destroy Satoshi’s Vision.”

User Bittburger seems to be in disagreement with Wu, stating:

‘Honestly Jihan you’ve shown about 100x more suppprt of Core than CSW has. His entire campaign has been the downfall of Core and Blockstream. While you have almost singlehandedly kept them in power. Please move your hashpower to BCH”

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