Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hash war escalates as Calvin Ayre states he will “follow and constantly work on” ABC if they win

The upcoming Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hard fork has begun to fray relationships in the community, causing a split as evident as the one set to happen on November 15. The two camps in control of the two different implementations of the block are Jihan Wu and Bitmain with Bitcoin ABC on one side and CoinGeek, run by Calvin Ayre, backing nChain and Craig Wright with their implementation known as Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision.

However, a development has occurred which may imply a split between the latter camp, as Calvin Ayre said in a statement to one of his reporters, Eli Afram, that he will “strive to make future changes for the better” if ABC won the so-called ‘hash war’.

In an article titled “Will this be a protracted hash-war?”, Afram aims to explore the consequences of the fork if it is not a clean split. Instead, a long-standing feud might begin which will see the two parties fight for dominance on a blockchain using hashpower as their primary ‘weapon’.

Afram mentions that this possibility is there, even as Coingeek hopes that dedicated hash might settle the score. He went on to say:

“To find a victor early on and then move forward with building BCH to be a global currency. It is in part one of the reasons why Calvin Ayre referred to this possibility as market manipulation. [I] asked Calvin on his position should ABC win the hash battle, and he responded “If ABC win, then I will follow and constantly work on striving to make future changes for the better.””

This offers an interesting set of data to work with, as the coin is already split between the two camps. It is well reflected on Reddit, where user jonald fyookball stated:

“I care about what’s best for BCH. I’m absolutely sure that the community rejecting nChain’s attempted power grab and intrusion into protocol decisions is best for BCH.”

User Der_Bergmann also pitched in, stating:

“Now we know which side was serious about “let the hashpower decide” and which side just wanted to be the new [Bitcoin] Core.”

While this provides an interesting scenario for the Bitcoin Cash hash war, who decides it will only be settled once and for all in just under 5 days.

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