“Bitcoin Cash [BCH] has parties within it that does not want to implement the fork with finesse”, says Roger Ver

The Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hard fork has occupied the cryptoverse for quite some time, with Roger Ver, the CEO of Bitcoin.com talking about the split in the BCH community.

In an interview with EKA TV, the BCH proponent admitted that he did not know how important the hard fork was going to be for Bitcoin Cash as well as Bitcoin [BTC]. He stated:

“ In my opinion, I really don’t know the real after effects of the fork. It can be both good and bad for the entire community. It’s just like the Y2K scare, you know. Everyone expected planes to fall out of the sky but in the end, nothing much happened.”

Ver went on to agree that this fork was quite antagonistic because of some other parties on the network. He admitted that he supported the ABC implementation of Bitcoin Cash, saying that the ABC party was the one responsible for the creation of Bitcoin Cash. The CEO also stated that the ABC roadmap is quite reasonable while the other party led by Craig Wright was not able to implement the roadmap with much ‘finesse’. Ver said:

“I hope once the hard fork is complete, we can expect a product even better than the iPhone. I am just supporting the best cryptocurrency on the charts. Bitcoin Cash will give the economic freedom the world needs right now. My only aim is to support anything that makes all our lives much simpler.”

Roger Ver further added that the hard fork does no damage to the cryptocurrency but rather not forking would have been catastrophic. He also mentioned how the instance of Bitcoin not forking initially gave way for a lot of altcoins that was not even in the picture to rise in value and popularity.

The Bitcoin Cash proponent also said that the chances of a consensus between the parties are quite small but nothing can be said as of yet.

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