Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hard fork was more of an upgrade than a fork, says’s Roger Ver


The Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hard fork has been creating waves in the cryptocurrency market with several proponents talking about the two new tokens: Bitcoin ABC which is now treated as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV.

During the Bitcoin Cash Meetup in Tokyo, Roger Ver, the Chief Executive Officer of, spoke about the network split as well as the effects of the hard fork on existing tokens. Ver started by saying that the BCH event was not really a fork but was an ‘upgrade’.

He stated that the BSV tokens are still present in the users’ wallet and admitted that he does not know how long it is going to exist. Ver said:

“ You needn’t worry because both the tokens are present in your wallet. I really don’t know how long SV is going to last, it may last for years to come or it may disappear after a couple of days.”

The official also informed users that Koinex, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, was crediting users with both BCH and BSV with the same addresses. A Kraken official, who was present at the meetup stated that the company is trying to work on the credits system.

Ver then talked about Craig Wright, the Chief Scientist at nCHain and one of the biggest proponents of Bitcoin SV. Roger said that the rumours spread around by Wright about people using ABC for illegal activities were false and completely unfounded. In his words:

“Craig may say a lot of things and then ask people to ban ABC. That’s like saying if I beat anyone with my shoes, then all shoes should be banned. We played out all the cards and the fork wasn’t even a close competition. Bitcoin Cash is still going strong while BSV is struggling to even get off the ground.”

To a question posed to Ver about the BSV camp attacking the ABC network, the CEO simply said that “they can try whatever they want but nothing is going to happen”. He also said that SV is filled with false promises and there is no product on their end that has the ABC team worried.

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