Bitcoin Cash [BCH] gets another boost with Bitmain’s Overt-Asicboost; 63 Asicboost blocks mined on BCH network

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] has been on quite a roll over the past couple of days with the prices rising stupendously and driving up positive investor sentiments. Recently, it was also revealed that Bitmain, the Jihan Wu-led cryptocurrency mining firm, had released a new firmware for the company’s flagship Antiminer mining rigs.

The product is supposed to enable the “optimization known as (overt) version-rolling Asicboost”. Bitmain was also in the news recently when Jimmy Song, a popular Bitcoin Core developer, stated that the usage of Overt-Asicboost will project “weird version numbers” while mining.

Data revealed by showed that since the release of the new firmware, there has been a significant increase in the Asicboost usage in both Bitcoin [BTC] and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] blocks. Since the launch, users were also informed that 63 Asicboost blocks were mined over the course of the week, which is a new record.

The launch of the new firmware two weeks back was met with both excitement as well as negative comments on social media platforms. Patrick M, a Twitter user, commented:

“So, if I understand correctly:

You intentionally disabled this feature before on all retail-purchased machines, to put miners at a disadvantage

  1. You had this enabled on Bitmain-owned machines
  2. A year later, you enabled it for end purchasers

This is ethical bus. practice?”

The launch of the Overt-Asicboost comes after the company’s usage of the Covert-Asicboost. The Covert version of the firmware was met with much fanfare by the cryptosphere for its focus on maintaining visibility and ensuring that transactions are much more seamless and cleaner. During the release of the new version, Bitmain had tweeted:

“We’ve released new firmware to activate “Overt #AsicBoost” on the #Antminer S9. Firmware for other BM1387-based models coming soon.”

The latest update has also been accepted by popular mining pools, stamping its popularity in the cryptocurrency space. The six mining pools that have started using Asicboost on the Bitcoin Cash network are Okminer, Antpool,, Viabtc, Prohashing and another pool, that has chosen to remain unknown.

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