Bitcoin Cash ABC is trying to make the network more stable unlike SV, says Roger Ver

The cryptocurrency market has boarded a bearish slide, with popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin [BTC], Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and Ethereum [ETH] all breaking their support levels and entering a redder bearish realm. The bear attack, however, has not stopped the Bitcoin Cash hard fork from taking place, with supporters of the fork making sure their voices are heard.

In a recent video, Roger Ver, the Chief Executive Officer of spoke about how the Bitcoin Cash ABC implementation has been more successful than the SV implementation. The official also spoke about how the SV team has been trying to bring down the value of BCH and everything the cryptocurrency stood for. He said:

“I want to dispel the myth that the SV camp is doing something in favor of Bitcoin Cash. They do not stand with the idea of bringing economic freedom to the word but is rather trying to burn the entire concept down.”

Roger went on to say the initial SV message of “locking down the market and help businesses” was something he could get behind but SV has been working opposite to that idea. He stated that all SV has been doing is manipulating the market to destroy the network from the inside. In his words:

“SV’s actions have been completely against what their initial message was. This entire concept of playing the blame game and saying things like they will make sure the network will be destroyed if it does not go their way is not something a supporter would say. If Craig Wright was the real Satoshi he would not say things like “burning down everything”.”

Ver also touched upon how the ABC camp was trying everything to make the network more stable that will, in turn, bring more economic freedom to the world. According to him, SV has been doing the exact opposite of the core fundamentals. He also pointed out to the fact that they very same people who stood against the original Bitcoin Cash are the same ones supporting the SV implementation of the hard fork.

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