Bitcoin [BTC]’s Jimmy Song acquits Bitmain of using ‘mining hack’ AsicBoost prior to launch

Jimmy Song, a Bitcoin [BTC] proponent spoke about Bitmain and the bet he has with Roger Ver, during a discussion with Tone Vays on Youtube.

The two spoke about Bitmain’s activation of Overt-AsicBoost technology through a new firmware. Vays stated that according to some people, Bitmain has been mining with the technology for a long time.

However, Song disagreed to the statement by saying that only with a Covert technology, one cannot tell if a mining activity has taken place. He said:

“so over covert, you wouldn’t be able to tell over it would be very obvious as far as I know there aren’t too many overt plots. It’s just that they held this firmware back from anybody that wanted to use it, which is really bad because you could have gotten more money out of your minor they just didn’t release this firmware until blue as  it makes a lot more energy efficient

He further added that if Bitmain mined with the Overt-AsicBoost technology then it would have been very obvious as there would be “weird version numbers”.

Song further spoke about the bet with Roger Ver. He said that the history of the bet goes back to May 2018, when an article regarding Roger Ver stating that Ethereum could take over Bitcoin in the market by the end of 2018 and Bitcoin Cash by the end of 2020 erupted in the space.

On approaching Ver regarding the article after reading it, the two agreed to bet on Ver’s statement. If Ver’s prediction were to come true, Song would pay him in ETH and BCH and if the prediction failed, then Ver was required to pay Song in BTC.

However, Ver neither accepted the bet nor replied to Song’s messages. This was later on bought up in the Blockchain Cruise event, wherein Ver proposed a bet of $1 million stating that Bitcoin Cash would take over Bitcoin in the market in terms of market value in 10 years.

Whoever won the bet would donate the amount to a charity chosen by the winner. Nonetheless, Song disagreed to the terms, in turn, proposing that 25% would be donated to a charity that the winner chooses.

To this, Vays said that the terms put across by Ver were completely “unfair” as he has “a hundred times more money” than Song. He further added that a fair game would be both of them staking 10% of their total income and that being donated to the charity. Song said:

“I put out another bet out there because he keeps moving the goalposts […] but I mean this what Roger does right, like he manipulates, he tries he’s a third-rate politician basically trying to manipulate people and sadly there are people that seem to be falling for it though we have no idea how many of them”

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