Bitcoin [BTC] has served its place in the market says Stellar’s first Head of Growth

Recently, Tammy Camp, the co-founder of Stronghold and the first Head of Growth at Stellar gave her opinion on cryptocurrencies and compared Bitcoin [BTC] to Friendster, a social media website; Ethereum [ETH] to MySpace and Stellar to Facebook.

Tammy Camp, in the interview with Breaker, she compared Bitcoin to Friendster because it was the first of its kind in the space as it got everybody’s attention. She further added that the transaction time for Bitcoin is very slow as compared to Ethereum or Stellar. She continued:

“Bitcoin does not crash and it is very stable, but the downside is you can only do three transactions per second and then it takes up to an hour for it to confirm. Bitcoin has served its place in the market. And it’s not that it’s a bad solution; it’s just not scalable for payments.”

She continued to talk about her analogy and then compared Ethereum to MySpace as Ethereum is very popular among developers and is faster than Bitcoin in terms of transactions. Since Ethereum paved ways for smart-contracts, there have been many more blockchains built on top of Ethereum’s using these contracts.

To conclude her analogy she compared Stellar to Facebook and weighed in by stating:

“Stellar is actually more scalable and secure than any product. And you can do 3,000 transactions per second, and 300,000 transactions with fees costing less than one penny. And the confirmation times are three to five seconds, so you can actually use it at Point of Sale [PoS].”

Tammy Camp, got into cryptocurrencies while graduating from Singularity University, and started building mining rigs for a short duration of time. She later went on to become the first Head of Growth at

She also co-founded the Stronghold, a digital asset exchange network/platform that represents Bitcoin, Ethereum and Stellar Lumens on the Stellar Network. A stablecoin called Stronghold USD was developed in partnership with IBM blockchain.

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