Winklevoss’ Gemini Dollar [GUSD] live on Coinomi Wallet; another feather in the cap for the stablecoin?

Recently, Gemini Exchange, a digital asset custodian and exchange platform announced that its stablecoin, Gemini Dollar [GUSD] was live on Coinomi wallet.

The Gemini Trust Company is a New York-based platform which was founded in 2014 by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. On June 2016 the exchange came to be known as the world’s first licensed cryptocurrency exchange platform. The Coinomi wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet wherein users can store, manage and exchange Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETC] and several other altcoins.

Gemini on its official Twitter stated:

“We are happy to announce that the Gemini dollar [GUSD] is now live on CoinomiWallet!”

Earlier in September, the Winklevoss twins launched their regulated stablecoin, GUSD on Gemini Exchange with an aim to ‘send and receive U.S dollars like e-mail’. The twins had stated that through the launch of the GUSD stablecoin, the US dollar could be brought to the blockchain platform.

The Winklevoss brothers further stated that the move was made to serve as a link between the present fast-paced digital currency ecosystem and the traditional fiat-based payment system.

TeslaTrades, a Twitterati said:

 “This is awesome. I am very happy now. RIP Tether.”

MountCrypto, another Twitterati said:

 “I Hope that the GUSD is the USDT killer.”

WarnerBrosUrban, a Twitter user said:

 “This is a scam coin, lol.”

The Gemini Dollar was previously listed on Bibox, an AI-enhanced, encrypted cryptocurrency exchange platform. Towards the end of September, GUSD was listed on HitBTC exchange. HitBTC on their Twitter stated that they strongly support the concept and philosophy of stablecoins and were therefore glad to open markets for the Gemini Dollar.

Moreover, in mid-September, Gemini Exchange announced that they had received regulatory approval to list Litecoin [LTC] on its platform.

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