TWO Waste Management Announces Successful IOTA Integration

Waste management startup TWO has announced the platform’s successful integration with the IOTA Tangle, an accomplishment that will bring decentralized waste collection to the blockchain. The announcement was made in a recent YouTube livestream and a follow-up Medium post. Today, Project Leader Hamoun Karami stated:

“Here we are…Monday, October 29th. I would like to say that we have successfully connected to the Tangle … with our sensors, we are able to tell when a bin has been changed.”

TWO’s waste management system uses sensors that detect when a waste bin has been filled up. This is reported to the IOTA Tangle, which essentially allows bins to request pickup when they are full.

“In the end, what you get is a city that stays clean,” Karami says.

The project is also taking steps to ensure that waste is being disposed of safely and correctly. TWO will make sure that collectors are dropping off waste at facilities that are licensed to carry out disposal. This will be accomplished with NFC technology, which will allow TWO to track waste and find out where it ends up.

Large-Scale Benefits

Although waste management is a less glamorous subject than other efforts, such as recharging stations or decentralized Uber competitors, TWO is nevertheless a valuable addition to the blockchain-powered economy — possibly more valuable than usual, due to the project’s uniqueness.

As the project’s whitepaper explains, TWO can reduce the strain of a centralized and regular waste collection system, which relies on a dedicated fleet of collection trucks. This demands excessive fuel consumption and creates traffic congestion. By comparison, TWO is a dynamic system that collects waste where and when it is needed, providing a much lighter solution.

TWO is also a clear demonstration of IOTA’s capacity to handle information from the Internet of Things (IOT), making use of data from real world devices and objects to reshape the economy as we know it today.

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