Tron [TRX] marches one-step forward after Exodus extends support for the token

The popular cryptocurrency wallet called Exodus and the Tron Foundation jointly announced that the platform is extending its support to the native TRX token. Exodus, on its official Twitter handle, mentioned that the token can be exchanged with close to 50 assets. The Twitter announcement read:

“Exodus now supports Tron $TRX mainnet. TRX is exchangeable with nearly 50 assets. You can swap BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM, OMG, DGB and many other coins directly for TRX within the comfort and security of your own wallet. “

Recently, TRX has had a bunch of updates wherein Justin Sun, the cryptocurrency’s Founder mentioned all the developments in the ecosystem, from coin burn to BitTorrent updates. He also named the most recent support received by TRX from a number of exchanges, such as BitBay, Bittrex and Binance. He also included Exodus on the list.

Regarding the BitTorrent updates, he said that the uTorrent application has launched and has been localized in Chinese for the people to be able to utilize the app. He also spoke about the achievements of Tron in comparison with Ethereum [ETH] and EOS.

A Twitter user named Chris Morton raised a point regarding TRX and Exodus and said:

“If you have the old trx tokens in Exodus how do you convert them for mainnet tron tokens on exodus. If you go to wallet in Exodus it shows trx (old) and tron manner as separate wallets.”

To this, Exodus replied and stated:

“Hi Chris. You’ll need to send the TRX tokens to Binance so they can be swapped for the mainnet TRX. Then you can send them to your new TRX address in Exodus. +dz” – Exodus

Continuing the conversation, the user asked about the frozen EOS tokens in Exodus. Furthermore, he asked if there is a possibility in the near future to convert the frozen tokens to EOS Mainnet tokens.

Here, Exodus reverted and said that EOS Mainnet for Exodus is in beta as of now and will hopefully be finished with its testing phase soon. Furthermore, the platform provided the user with an opportunity to write an email wherein it will instruct him to access EOS tokens via another wallet.

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