October Starts on a Crypto Market Monday Slump, But No Huge Drops

CoinDNA MArket Recap

Hello October! Monday morning woke up to a bit of slump. We’ve seen this a couple of times on positive weekends that Mondays tend to dump. To be fair, earlier trading in the Asian markets were steady and was even green for a couple of hours.

The market capitalization is at $222.2 Billion, with a drop of $2 Billion from yesterday’s $224 Billion. The trading volume is still steady albeit low at $14 Billion. The BTC dominance is at 51.3%, which is higher than yesterday and shows that Bitcoin is blooming once again -that, or Altcoins just really can’t take off.

Bitcoin has dropped  -0.45% on the day and is now trading at $6601. It has not been able to move a lot and is now stuck at $6600 after going as low as $6524. The resistance is at $6625 which should be an easy target this morning but it needs to cross higher at $6665 to promote further gains.

Ethereumhas dropped once again from $237 yesterday to today’s price at $229. Volume is rather low and it has lost -2.64% on the day. The charts are rather grim on the short term which shows MACD as flat and has crossed over to the bearish side. S/RSI is pointing down below 40 and Money Flow Index is way below the oversold area.

The top 10 is showing worse for the wear with majority on the reds. Biggest loser is XRP at  -4.21% at the time of this writing. It’s currently trading at  $0.58 which is on the same level where it was last Monday. The next one on the line is EOS at $5.6, way below $5.99 where it was  last Monday. The rest are hugging 1-2% loss except Stellar at 0.79%, and the usual suspect Tether at a minimal green.

There’s hardly anything different for the rest at the Top 25. NEM is at 2.07% and Dogecoin is at 1.27%. The rest are on 0 to 2% loss except Tezos at -3.71%. 

There are some good pumps further down below at the Top 100. Nebulas reign the crypto galaxy at 18.65%. Odyssey is traveling at the speed of 15.65%. Verge is on the verge again at 11.05% growth. Other good performers are Theta Token and Siacoin between 5-7%. Apart from that, it’s mainly losses today with Holo and Funfair leading at more than 6% loss on the day. The rest are mostly on the reds and may possibly drop more on the short term unless Bitcoin picks up or there is more volume on the table. 

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