Justin Sun updates the community on the progress of Tron [TRX]s ecosystem

On 29th September, Justin Sun took to the airs to update users and cryptocurrency enthusiasts about the happenings of the Tron network and the involvement of the Tron ecosystem on four grounds namely:

  • The progress of the network as well as the ecosystem
  • The future aspects of the network
  • A demonstration of the network’s latest dApp
  • The progress and update index of the Project Atlas

Justin Sun spoke about the total number of accounts on the network which had crossed the 400,000 mark this week, a record. The announcement released by the Tron Foundation specifically stresses the fact that the total number of accounts on the Tron network was 20% higher than that of EOS, Tron’s rival. The post also touched upon the number of single day transactions that occurred on the network which, according to the Foundation, held at a positive 440,135.

The Founder also spoke about the Super Representatives program introduced by the Foundation with the latest addition of BitGuild as an SR. The elected Super Representatives will be playing a major role in the governance structure of the firm. The representatives’ main role would be representing the ‘will’ of the Tron community. They will be participating in the calculation and validation of the network and represent themselves as the guardians of the network.

During the live stream, Sun further spoke about BitTorrent and its progress. The Founder stated that the uTorrent web under BitTorrent has been localized to the Chinese language thereby opening it up to a plethora of users in China.

In terms of ecosystem cooperation, Sun went on to speak about the partnership between the Blockchain Charity Foundation [BCF] and the United Nations Development Program, a body of the UN that takes care of developmental activities across the planet. The partnership which was signed at a meeting titled ‘Blockchain to Promote Inclusive and Sustainable Development’ will see the Blockchain Charity Fund, of which Tron is a sponsor, donate millions of dollars to the UNDP for charitable and developmental purposes.

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