Is Tron [TRX] planning to build its decentralized TronTube after the YouTube outage incident?

In the wake of the outage issue with YouTube, the most popular video-sharing website in the world, Tron Foundation took to Twitter to express the discontent and stated that there needs to be a decentralized platform similar to YouTube built on the Tron blockchain. This is to avoid a single failure point in such systems and keep them from crashing. The foundation wrote:

“Today, @YouTube users around the world had access issues on YouTube, YouTube TV and YouTube Music for almost 1 hour. Our #TRONICS believe that with the decentralized platform on #TRON, that kind of issue won’t happen. #TRX $TRX”

Last week, the Founder and creator of Tron, Justin Sun made several announcements wherein one of the tweets stated that there is a pending secret partnership to be announced by the Tron ecosystem. The speculations suggested that the news has an involvement of the Chinese MNC, Alibaba Group.

Other reports contained guesses of China’s equivalent of Google, Baidu browser to be involved with the partnership.

Meanwhile, Sun also announced an airdrop event by Tron on the cryptocurrency platform Bitbox, on the occasion of the exchange listing the LINK token. LINK is the native cryptocurrency token of the media company Line Corporation.

Apart from all the partnerships, Tron also showed interest in the ongoing buzz regarding the Vitalik Buterin vs Nouriel Roubini debate. Sun is enthusiastic about the event and offered to pay $1 million as the reward in case if the debate does take place.

N Gordon, a Twitter user and a cryptocurrency space enthusiast commented on the stance of Tron to build a decentralized YouTube. He wrote:

“You need to launch TronTube”

Another user, who is a blockchain enthusiast and a cryptocurrency space follower spoke in favor of Tron’s stand and said:

“A prime weakness centralized apps have today, YouTube is down for users world wide.. its time to decentralize. Now, not every aspect can be Decentralized.. so let’s say semi-Decentralized, illegal content should still be monitored & removed.  “

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