Ethereum [ETH]’s Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin: Massive amount has changed in the community over the past 15 months

Recently, a cryptocurrency enthusiast and Twitterati reached out to Vitalik Buterin the Co-Founder of Ethereum on Twitter asking him about the “biggest changes” that have taken place in the Ethereum Foundation over the past 15 months.

The Twitterati raised the query after Buterin posted a tweet wherein he stated that Ethereum has undergone a massive amount of change over the past 15 months. In an earlier post, Buterin also stated that the foundation could go on to survive without him.

In response to the Twitterati’s post, Buterin put forward 4 points explaining the developments happening in the space. According to him, the difference is very evident. He wrote:

“1. Casper/sharding spec roughly finished, now in refinement stages.
2. 4+ implementations of the spec well underway.
3. Many implementations of plasma well underway.
4. ZK-SNARK-based layer 2 scaling and privacy well underway.  It’s a night-and-day difference from 2017.”

A Twitterati grahammcbain responded to Buterin’s tweet:

“Insanely exciting time to be here.”

In the recent months, several development teams like the Sigma Prime, Prysmatic Labs, Rocket Pool, Status and PegaSys have been fervently working on developing Casper and sharding clients, since Vitalik announced the “Ethereum 2.0 vision”.

A few days earlier, Prysmatic Labs announced the release of the demo version of Sharding Client, Prysm v0.0.0. Sigma Prime’s Lighthouse project that released last month has seen a lot of progress in the past two weeks.

According to developers at Rocket Pool, Ethereum 2.0 has the potential to build new economic systems and become a hub for global collaboration. The project is not being developed by a single corporation and is said to be decentralized on numerous levels.

The Ethereum community is also preparing itself for the Constantinople hard fork that is said to happen after the Ethereum Devcon 4 event. The hard fork which was to hit the Ropsten Testnet on October has faced a delay of 5 days due to recently encountered Ethereum Virtual machine [EVM] Denial of Service [DoS] attack vector.

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