Ethereum [ETH] still leads over XRP; announcements create excitement in the community

Ethereum [ETH] has been holding steady on the cryptocurrency charts, maintaining a healthy disparity in terms of market cap with XRP. The Ethereum community is also waiting for its proposed hard fork titled, ‘Constantinople’, which has come under the scanner after concerns were raised by an independent Ethereum developer. Lane Rettig had released a report recently which provided an insight on the issues within the hard fork on Ropsten Testnet.

The developer had raised a red flag when a bug was discovered in the Parity implementation of the Ethereum blockchain. Rettig stated:

“Apparently, in this case, there was some confusion over the meaning of terms like ‘transaction’ and ‘execution frame’ that may have contributed to the bug.”

Ethereum was also in the news earlier when Holger, an official from the Ethereum Foundation spoke about the clients under the ambit of Ethereum. He stated that it was too slow, still unfit for mass adoption. There were some positive announcements as well, with the developer stating that the communication flow was easy within the Ethereum network as it happens only between accounts and on the blockchain.

Holger further went on to say:

“The main question here is are we doing this [cross sharding communication] synchronously or asynchronously. By synchronously we mean, are we doing this within one transaction and to get the result within this one transaction. Which is what you would expect and would be much more convenient for users.”

Although Vitalik Buterin co-founded cryptocurrency has been under attack from economists such as Nouriel Roubini, the developments have not stopped. Recently, it was revealed that Ethereum will be available for trade on Dukascopy Bank, one of Europe’s largest exchanges. The announcement stated:

“Continuing infrastructural preparation for its own ICO for cryptocurrencies on Ethereum blockchain, Dukascopy Bank starts trading operations on Ether to US dollar (ETH/USD) CFD.”

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