Ethereum [ETH] in the spotlight again; developers and the community talk updates

Ethereum [ETH]’s ride over the past week has been a frantic rollercoaster with developments and updates being announced from the house of Ethereum Foundation.

The cryptocurrency’s much-awaited forks which are still in the pipeline have come under the scanner when Lane Rettig, an independent developer of Ethereum, bought up a few concerns regarding the Constanople hard fork. He had stated:

“Apparently, in this case, there was some confusion over the meaning of terms like ‘transaction’ and ‘execution frame’ that may have contributed to the bug.”

The main issue that was bought up by the developer was the lack of miners for the upcoming fork. A solution that was brought up by Rettig was educating the community on mining process on a Proof of Work [PoW] Testnet. Lane Rettig further added:

“We should discuss this in the context of forks and long reorgs – is there some way to communicate a hint to such nodes that they’re on the wrong chain?”

Ethereum seems to be a favorite discussion topic for the people involved in the cryptosphere, which was evidenced by George Hotz, the Founder of, appreciating the platform for its feasibility with bug bounties. He had stated:

“If you like find the exploit you and you run it, then you get money very in exchange and it’s pretty cool”

Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin also made news as he was involved in a debate with Nouriel Roubini, the economist who had remarked Ethereum a scam. Roubini had drawn parallels with the Gini coefficient of Bitcoin and North Korea to which Buterin had replied:

“Cryptocurrency Gini is admittedly a problem, though taking the 0.88 statistic directly is misleading for several reasons…

Roubini has been rampant on his attack on Ethereum even attacking the dApps built on the Ethereum blockchain. He had said:

“You know, there’s a lot of people [who] talk about their DApps or their distributed apps. 75 percent of those apps are what? CryptoKitties, Ponzi schemes and other pyramid schemes, and other casino games, like Las Vegas. So, after a decade, what does Ethereum have to show us? CryptoKitties and Ponzi schemes? And that’s what they’re doing? They’re not doing anything that is of any use to anybody.”

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