Ethereum [ETH] eyes mainstream adoption with multiple updates; Vitalik Buterin talks Ethereum 2.0

Ethereum [ETH] has been making news in the cryptocurrency space with various updates and developments in progress, according to the officials related to the organization.

The cryptocurrency also made news when Vitalik Buterin, the Co-Founder of Ethereum elucidated on Ethereum 2.0 and its workings. He said:

“Ethereum 2.0, is basically the kind of new version of Ethereum that will take all of these different improvements and put them together and essentially create what we believe is the best possible design for a general purpose blockchain.”

Ethereum’s move towards mainstream adoption was given another push when Ethfinex, the Ethereum backed cryptocurrency exchange announced a free giveaway on its Twitter handle. The exchange had excited users by revealing that it was giving away two Ledger Nano S hardware wallets on popular social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Ethfinex also allows users to conduct trade on a stable centralized platform as well as proceed with on-chain trading activities.

The Ethereum Foundation has also been gearing up for the next major hard fork on the Ethereum network, titled Constantinople. The hard fork which was supposed to occur yesterday, 9th October, was delayed due to a Denial of Service [DoS] attack.

The Constantinople update has created an evident surge of news within the Ethereum network which was reflected in a 673% increase in the Ethereum empty blocks.

Ansel Lindner, a cryptocurrency enthusiast had made some crucial observations. He said that the shoot up was related to the miners “realizing that the value of ETH doesn’t come from transactions, but marketing”. Linder said:

“The success of Ethereum’s marketing is only partly correlated with the number of transactions. There needs to be enough volume to support the narrative, but not too much to make it extremely hard to stay synced.”

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